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Journal Entry: Sun Mar 5, 2017, 9:31 PM
:new: [Mar 30th]: added in some reffed mons for sale~  uwu;;


:star: Items that I accept as payment (& their worth):
- TM / jumble berry = 20 pts each 
- rare candy = 40 pts each 
- retrace = 60 pts each
- power potion = 70 pts each
- mod tech / prism scale / mega stone = 250 pts 
- type injector = 300 pts 
- species swapper = 450 pts 

> I might accept breeding-items as payment, feel free to ask/haggle about it~ 
PS: still not going to accept trail-items btw 

all of the mons here are either inspired from certain charas/creatures, OR was meant to be inspired from certain thing but could not (evolve) due to the rules from.... last years? no- i think it was 2 years ago? (oh boy how time fly) LOL whatever~ XD;;;  That, and they tend to have starting BA of 30 or lower, & well, i dont need weak mons that will serve no purpose in stories nor battles(which unfortunately what they were bred for before) :/

PKMNation: Meisho Meigetsu by MasamuneRevolution
:pointr: Meisho Meigetsu || LVL 77 || Charizard/Salamence || cross + dark fuson 

~ ignore the price listed on the clutch ~

PKMNation: Clutch 176 [1 DYO left] by MasamuneRevolution

176 - C1.) DYO CROSS + FUSION ♀ :pointr: 120 :points: 


PKMNation || Breeding Schedules

Journal Entry: Tue Jan 10, 2017, 2:18 AM

check for the 'mons that are available for breeding here: 



ALL KARPS || closed breeding ]

:pointr: clutch roll's result will be divided as equally as possible! (unless stated otherwise)

:pointr: you can request for breeding between 2 of my 'mons as well if I happen to have the needed 'mons for your design, & I'll reserve a DYO slot for you
[PS: not all my mons are available for breeding + we'll discuss payment before the actual breeding's done] 

:pointr: please list/link which of your mon & my mon you're planning to breed with when requesting for a breeding~  

:pointr: I also have the right to refuse the breeding if I don't like / not interested with the species 

:pointr: a member can only reserve 1 breeding slot per week  

:star: = breeding slot(s) available || :star-empty: = no more breeding slots for the week

:bulletgreen: slots still open
:bulletyellow: clutch not yet rolled / slot reserved 
:bulletred: clutch rolled
:bulletblack: closed for various reasons

:star-empty: Apr 24 - 28:  
:pointr: requester slot (aka: i send the note): 
:bulletred: La Raison x Whale Capture
:bulletred: Atomic Thunder x Duramente 
:bulletred: Max Beauty x TheLovelessKitsune's Sylph 

:pointr: participant slot (aka: u send the note): 
:bulletred: La Raison x Whale Capture
:bulletred: Atomic Thunder x Duramente 
:bulletred: Kotobuki Kirin x Jelliot21's Kiu

:star: May 1 - 5:  
:pointr: requester slot (aka: i send the note): 
:bulletyellow: --reserved for self / close friends only-- 

:pointr: participant slot (aka: u send the note): 
:bulletyellow: --reserved for self / close friends only-- 
:bulletyellow: Cesario x AskTyranno's Krowe {reminder}

:star: May 8 - 12:  
:pointr: requester slot (aka: i send the note): 
:bulletyellow: --reserved for self / close friends only-- 

:pointr: participant slot (aka: u send the note): 
:bulletyellow: --reserved for self / close friends only-- 

:star: May 15 - 19:  
:pointr: requester slot (aka: i send the note): 
:bulletyellow: --reserved for self / close friends only-- 

:pointr: participant slot (aka: u send the note): 
:bulletyellow: --reserved for self / close friends only-- 

:star: May 22 - 26:  
:pointr: requester slot (aka: i send the note): 
:bulletyellow: --reserved for self / close friends only-- 

:pointr: participant slot (aka: u send the note): 
:bulletyellow: --reserved for self / close friends only-- 

:star: May 29 - June 2:  
:pointr: requester slot (aka: i send the note): 
:bulletyellow: --reserved for self / close friends only-- 

:pointr: participant slot (aka: u send the note): 
:bulletyellow: --reserved for self / close friends only-- 


PKMNation || MALES LVL 100

Journal Entry: Tue Jan 10, 2017, 2:18 AM

:pointr: pokemon listed in this journal will only breed at lvl 100!  
aka: both my pokemon and your pokemon have to be lvl 100 to breed~ 

:pointr: pokemon listed with [ * ] at the back of their name means that your pokemon must also be traited to breed as well! 

:pointr: please make sure that both my pokemon and yours have met the needed level requirement to breed before asking! uwu

:pointr: Ctrl + F  is your best friend xD

Breeding Schedules ]

:star: already lvl 100 (ready to breed)
:star-empty: not lvl 100 yet (not ready to breed)

:star: Admire Cozzene
cross | morph | shiny | fusion 
fire / ghost / dragon 

:star: Aso Tenzan
cross | morph | shiny | fusion 
fire / dragon / dark  

:star: Kyowa Roaring * 
cross | morph | shiny | fusion 
dragon / dark / fire 

:star: Blue Concorde
flying / ice / water 

:star: Vermillion
cross | fusion 
fire / dark 

:star: Casino Toradamashi
fire / dragon / ground 

:star: Divine Light
fighting / electric / ghost 

:star: Grand Prix City
cross | morph | shiny | fusion 
dark / water / steel 

:star: Kotobuki Kirin
cross | morph | shiny | fusion 
fire / dragon / flying 

:star: Crimson
cross | fusion 
dragon / fire / dark 

:star: Kotobuki Senpu
cross | morph | shiny | fusion 
fire / dark / electric 

:star: Lord Bakushin * 
cross | morph | shiny | fusion 
fire / ghost / flying 

:star: Chaosmos * 
Alolan Marowak/Dusknoir/Kabutops 
cross | morph | shiny | fusion  
ghost / rock / steel 

:star: Grand Prix Seiha
cross | morph | shiny | fusion 
fire / dark / ghost 

:star: Justaway * 
cross | shiny 
fire / water / ghost 

:star: Grand Prix Magnum
cross | morph | shiny | fusion 
fire / dragon / electric 

:star: Share Impulse * 
cross | morph | shiny | fusion 
fire / water / poison 

:star: Admire Regno
cross | morph | shiny | fusion 
fire / dragon / steel 

:star-empty: Alpha Junior
cross | morph | shiny | fusion 
dark / flying / dragon 

:star: Kyowa Nasr
cross | morph | shiny | fusion 
dark / dragon / fire 

:star: Good Spirits
cross | morph | shiny | fusion 
fire / ghost / ice 

:star: Battle Titan
cross | morph | shiny | fusion 
fire / dragon / psychic 

:star: Nangokuno Kokuo 
cross | morph | shiny | fusion 
normal / dark / ghost 

:star: Hoshino Gambler
cross | morph | shiny | fusion 
water / steel / dark 

:star-empty: Tenno Ryusei
cross | morph | shiny | fusion 
poison / rock / fire

PKMNation || FEMALES LVL 100

Journal Entry: Tue Jan 10, 2017, 2:17 AM

:pointr: pokemon listed in this journal will only breed at lvl 100!  
aka: both my pokemon and your pokemon have to be lvl 100 to breed~ 

:pointr: pokemon listed with [ * ] at the back of their name means that your pokemon must also be traited to breed as well 

:pointr: please make sure that both my pokemon and yours have met the needed level requirement to breed before asking! uwu

:pointr: Ctrl + F  is your best friend xD


Breeding Schedules ]

:star: already lvl 100 (ready to breed)
:star-empty: not lvl 100 yet (not ready to breed)

:star: Joie De Vivre * 
cross | morph | shiny | fusion 
dragon / ghost / fire 

:star: Yujin Kazan * 
cross | shiny 
fire / dragon / water 

:star: Yume Gozen * 
cross | morph | shiny | fusion 
dark / steel / poison 

:star: Gift Of Hope
cross | morph | shiny | fusion 
fire / dark / dragon 

:star: Win Primera
cross | morph | shiny | fusion 
water / dark / dragon 

:star: Kyowa Shinobu
cross | morph | shiny | fusion 
dragon / dark / fire 

:star-empty: Kyowa Ruby
cross | morph | shiny | fusion 
dragon / ghost / fire 

:star-empty: Kyowa Magma
cross | morph | shiny | fusion 
dragon / ghost / fire 
:star: Kusanagi
cross | morph | shiny | fusion
fire / poison / steel 


PKMNation || MALES LVL 30+

Journal Entry: Tue Jan 10, 2017, 2:17 AM

:pointr: pokemon listed in this journal will only breed when they are at least lvl 30!  
aka: both my pokemon and your pokemon have to be at least lvl 30 or higher to breed~

:pointr: please make sure that both my pokemon and yours have met the needed level requirement to breed before asking! uwu

:pointr: Ctrl + F  is your best friend xD; 

Breeding Schedules ]

:star: = already lvl 100
:star-half: = between lvl 31-99 
:star-empty: = still lvl 30 or lower (not open for breeding yet)

:star: Shinzan
fighting / dark / ghost 

:star: Maruka Rascal
cross | fusion 
dragon / electric / grass 

:star: Sakura Sekai'o
dragon / fairy / dark 

:star: Sakura Gaisen
dragon / fairy / ghost 

:star: Sleepless Night
cross | fusion 
water / poison / dragon 

:star: Kurofune
cross | morph
ground / dark / dragon 

:star-half: Roc De Cambes
cross | fusion 
water / ground / dragon 

:star: Fuji Kiseki
cross| shiny 
grass / steel / dragon 

:star: Tosen Captain
fire / fighting / ground 

:star: Taisei Legend
dark / water / steel 

:star: Fujino Strong
electric / normal 

:star: Admire Commando
cross | fusion 
fire / steel / dragon 

:star-half: Dance In The Dark
cross | fusion 
dark / flying / dragon 

:star: Onward Volga
cross | fusion 
drgaon / fighting / poison 

:star: Cinema Ghost
dark / ghost 

:star-half: Fukuichi
morph | shiny 

:star-half: White Vessel
fire / ghost 

:star: Atomic Thunder
cross | morph | fusion 
water / electric / dragon 

:star: Hikari Duel
cross | morph | shiny 
dark / flying / fighting 

:star-half: Lightning Gale
shiny | fusion 
electric / normal 

:star: Sound Of Heart
cross | shiny 
poison / rock / dragon 

:star: Strong Return
cross | fusion 
steel / dragon / fire 

:star: World Ace
fire / fighting / steel 

:star: Rex Parade
cross | morph | fusion 
fire / flying / dragon 

:star: Hokuto Ares
cross | fusion 
fighting / normal / dark 

:star: King Kamehameha 
cross | morph | fusion 
normal / electric / fighting 

:star: God Emperor
water / electric / steel 

:star-half: Prince Trojan
cross | fusion 
fire / ghost / steel 

:star-half: Giant's Causeway
cross | fusion 
water / ground / dragon 

:star: Toho Saber
cross | morph | shiny 
water / bug 

:star-half: Golden Barows 
cross | morph | shiny | fusion 
normal / water / dragon

:star-half: Kyowa Kaiser
cross | morph | shiny | fusion 
dark / ground / dragon 

:star: Fame Game
cross | morph | shiny | fusion 
dragon / ghost / poison

:star: Suehiro Commander
fire / ghost 

:star: Legendary Hunter
cross | shiny | fusion 
dragon / grass / steel 

:star: Keiai Jinbei
fighting / water / ice 

:star: Tosen Dragon
cross | fusion 
dragon / electric / dark 

:star-empty: Fujino Fairy
cross | shiny 
fire / electric / normal 

:star: Sleipnir 
cross | morph 
electric / bug / poison 

:star: Machikane Akatsuki
cross | fusion 
dark / dragon / ghost 

:star: Hikaru Akatsuki
dark / rock / ghost 

:star-half: Solitary King
fire / dragon / steel 

:star: Dark Shadow
cross | morph | shiny | fusion 
dark / dragon / poison 

:star: Godai Carnival
cross | morph | shiny 
dark / fire 

:star: Extra End
cross | shiny 
electric / steel / fairy 

:star: Saint Lite 
cross | morph | shiny | fusion 
electric / poison / dragon 

:star-half: Orfevre
fire / ghost 

:star: Hidden Blade
fire / ghost / steel 

:star-half: Vogue Tornado
cross | fusion 
water / normal / dark 

:star: All My Way
fire / dark 

:star: New World
cross | morph | shiny | fusion 
fire / steel / dark 

:star: Top Zone
cross | shiny | fusion 
electric / steel / dragon 

:star-half: Monster Hunter
cross | shiny | fusion 
water / ghost / dragon 

:star-half: Grand Prix Wild
cross | morph | shiny | fusion 
electric / dark / ghost 

:star: Rush In Race
cross | fusion 
fire / poison / dragon 

:star-half: Sky Wing
cross | morph 
flying / ghost / fighting 

:star: Storm May
cross | fusion 
fire / water / dark 

:star: Taisei Hayate
cross | morph | fusion 
water / steel / fighting 

:star: Max Wonder
cross | morph | shiny 
fire / water / dragon 

:star: Eishin Tenryu
cross | morph | shiny | fusion 
dragon / grass / steel 

:star-half: Horai Reppu
fire / dark / fighting 

:star-half: Grand Prix Arion
cross | morph | shiny | fusion 
dark / fire / grass 

:star-half: Takeru Ramses
water / ghost 

:star-half: Bakushin Muteki
fire / dragon / ghost 

:star-empty: Smile Horror
cross | morph | fusion 
fire / ghost / dragon 

:star-empty: Forest Keeper
cross | morph | fusion 
dark / ghost / water 

:star-empty: Set Noble
cross | shiny 
fighting / psychic / ghost 

:star: Eishin Ryuoh
cross | morph | shiny | fusion
dragon / grass / fire 

:star: Grand Prix Hero
cross | morph | shiny | fusion 
electric / water / dragon 

:star-empty: Elite Force
cross | morph | shiny | fusion 
dark / poison / fire 

:star-half: Admire Subaru
cross | fusion 
fire / steel / dragon 

:star-half: Tosen Rikio 
cross | fusion 

:star-half: Dominus Hunter
cross | morph | shiny 
water / flying / electric 

:star-half: Hokuto Helios
cross | morph | shiny | fusion 
fighting / fire / dark 

:star: Kirishima Mizuki
cross | morph | shiny | fusion 
dark / dragon / water 

:star: Hyuga Mizuki
cross | morph | shiny | fusion 
dark / water / dragon 

:star-empty: Azure Symboli
cross | shiny | fusion 
fire / ice / ghost 

:star: Dantes
cross | morph | shiny | fusion 
poison / dragon / ghost 

:star-empty: Stormy Sea
cross | morph | shiny | fusion 
fire / water / flying 

:star-half: Kishi Kaisei
cross | morph | shiny | fusion 
electric / steel / dragon 

:star-empty: Father's Pride
cross | shiny | fusion 
fire / normal / ghost 

:star-empty: Triple Attack 
cross | morph | shiny | fusion 
water / electric / dark 

:star-empty: Triple Arrow
cross | shiny | fusion 
water / electric / dark 

:star-half: Horai Rodrigo
cross | morph | shiny | fusion 
fighting / dragon / bug 

:star-empty: Grand Prix Dash
cross | morph | shiny | fusion 
grass / water / ghost 

:star-half: Nangokuno Hoshi 
Alolan Persian
morph | shiny | fusion 
dark / ghost 

:star-empty: Daikichi Saburo
cross | fusion 
fire / normal / flying 

:star-empty: Ascot Champ 
dark / ghost / water 

:star-empty: Moonlit
cross | morph | shiny | fusion 
normal / dragon / dark 

:star-empty: Takao Eagle 
cross | shiny 
flying / fire / dragon 

:star-empty: Umeharu Taiko
cross | shiny | fusion
water / ice / poison 

:star-empty: Grand Prix Boy
cross | morph | shiny | fusion 
fire / water / steel

:star-half: Mayano Credo
cross | morph | shiny | fusion 
dragon / poison / fire 

:star-empty: Jackpot
cross | morph | shiny | fusion 
fire / water / ghost 

:star-half: Padre Viento
cross | morph | fusion 
dark / steel / ghost 

:star-empty: Mugendai 
cross | morph | shiny | fusion 
dark / dragon / psychic 

:star-empty: Lunar Eclipse
cross | morph | shiny | fusion 
water / steel / dragon 

:star-empty: Grand Prix Knight
cross | morph | shiny | fusion 
dark / rock / ghost 

:star-empty: Max Wiser 
cross | fusion 
ground / dark / water 

:star-empty: Omoshiroi
cross | shiny 
fairy / ghost / ground 

:star-empty: Rhein Spirit
morph | shiny | fusion 
fire / ghost 

:star-empty: Noraneko
cross | morph | shiny 
fairy / ghost / electric 

:star-empty: Kotobuki Tsukasa
cross | morph | shiny | fusion 
fire / dragon / ghost 



PKMNation || FEMALES LVL 30+

Journal Entry: Tue Jan 10, 2017, 2:16 AM

:pointr: pokemon listed in this journal will only breed when they are at least lvl 30!  
aka: both my pokemon and your pokemon have to be at least lvl 30 or higher to breed~

:pointr: please make sure that both my pokemon and yours have met the needed level requirement to breed before asking! uwu

:pointr: Ctrl + F  is your best friend xD

Breeding Schedules ]

:star: = already lvl 100 
:star-half: = between lvl 31-99 
:star-empty: = still lvl 30 or lower (not open for breeding yet)

:star-half: I'll Love Again 
grass / ground / ghost 

:star: Max Beauty
cross | shiny 
ground / dragon / water 

:star: Cesario
dragon / electric / ghost 

:star: Sun Glow
cross | morph | shiny | fusion 
fire / fighting / normal 

:star: Heavenly Romance
cross | shiny | fusion
grass / water / dragon 

:star: Verxina
fire / flying / ghost 

:star: Nishino Akatsuki
cross | shiny | fusion 
dragon / flying / steel 

:star: Ocean Blue
cross | morph | shiny 
water / dark / ice 

:star: Ginza Amazoness
grass / fire / fighting 

:star: Dragon Sakura
cross | morph 
dragon / ghost / poison 

:star-half: Ryu Trophy
water / rock / dragon 

:star: Whale Capture
cross | morph | fusion 
water / ice / dragon 

:star-half: Sound Arena 
water / steel / poison 

:star-half: Shark Cannon
cross | morph | shiny 
dark / water / ground 

:star: Major Typhoon
cross | morph | fusion 
fighting / flying / dark 

:star-empty: Pirate's Song
dark / water 

:star-half: Deputy Premier
cross | fusion 
fire / grass / ghost 

:star-half: Illuminance
cross | fusion 
electric / dragon / bug 

:star: Revenge No Hana
cross | morph | fusion 
grass / ghost / steel 

:star-half: Arcadia
cross | shiny | fusion 
grass / flying / poison 

:star-half: Arcanum 
cross | fusion 
grass / fire / poison 

:star-half: Kurokami Bizen
cross | fusion 
dark / ghost / fighting 

:star: Soldier Lady
cross | fusion 
dark / ghost / ice 

:star-half: Mimic Bass
cross | morph 
dark / ghost / water 

:star: Kirishima Oujo
cross | morph | shiny | fusion  
dragon / water / ghost 

:star: Dream Aika
cross | morph | shiny | fusion 
fire / ground / dragon 

:star-half: Return Cast
cross | shiny 
fire / dark 

:star: Admire Suzuka
cross | fusion 
fire / steel / ghost 

:star-half: Snow Angel  
cross | shiny | fusion 
grass / water / ghost 

:star-empty: Lady Liberty
flying / normal / ghost 

:star-empty: Let's Go Donki
morph | shiny 

:star-empty: Fusen
cross | morph | fusion 
flying / dragon / dark 

:star-empty: Grin Bride
cross | morph | shiny | fusion 
dragon / ghost / water 

:star-empty: Laugh Away
cross | morph | fusion 
electric / dragon / water 

:star-half: Kisara Kiku
morph | fusion 
electric / fighting 

:star-empty: Sundarbans
cross | shiny | fusion 
fire / steel / dragon 

:star-empty: Paint Cafe
morph | shiny | fusion 
fire / normal / ice 

:star-empty: Bel Canto 

:star-empty: Kawaiiko

:star: Sakura Ranzan
cross | morph | shiny | fusion 
fire / flying / poison 

:star-empty: Lethal Weapon
cross | morph | shiny | fusion 
water / dragon / ice 

:star-empty: Triple Axel
cross | shiny | fusion 
water / electric / dark 

:star-empty: Kyowa Hinokuni
cross | morph | shiny | fusion 
dark / fire / dragon 

:star: La Raison
cross | morph | shiny | fusion 
fire / water / ice 

:star-half: Sahara Grace 
cross | morph 
electric / fire / ghost 

:star-half: Zenno Zeinoi  
cross | morph | shiny | fusion 
normal / dark / fire 

:star-half: Memorial Year
cross | morph | shiny | fusion 
ghost / dark / dragon 

:star-empty: Black Onyx
cross | morph | shiny 
fire / dark 

:star-half: Kaiyo Lady
cross | morph | fusion 
water / dark / ghost 

:star-half: Hakugin
cross | morph | shiny | fusion 
dark / dragon / poison 

:star-empty: Eva Winner
cross | morph | fusion 
dark / electric / dragon 

:star-empty: Asteri Lite
cross | morph | shiny 
electric / poison / dark 

:star-empty: Poison Rouge
cross | morph | shiny | fusion 
fire / normal / poison 

:star-empty: Hoshino Regal
cross | morph | shiny | fusion
fire / water / dark

:star-empty: Mofumofu
morph | shiny 
grass / flying 

:star-empty: Soul Stirring
cross | morph | shiny | fusion 
water / ghost / dragon 

:star-empty: Asakusa Haruka
cross | morph | shiny | fusion 
dragon / water / steel 

:star: Yumeno Hito
cross | morph | shiny | fusion 
water / ghost / electric 

:star-empty: Great Tosho
cross | morph | shiny | fusion 
rock / water / dark

:star: Madame Valors 
Mightyena/Empoleon/Alolan Sandslash  
cross | morph | fusion 
dark / steel / electric 

:star-empty: Max Roxy
cross | morph | shiny | fusion 
ground / ghost / dragon 

:star-empty: Kotobuki Fukukitaru
cross | morph 
fire / ghost / dragon 

:star-empty: Kyojin
cross | shiny 
fairy / ghost / dragon 

:star-empty: Toho jade
cross | morph | shiny | fusion 
ground / water / dragon 

:star-empty: Meibadesu
cross | morph | shiny 
fairy / ghost / fire 

:star-empty: Kotobuki Cerezo 
cross | shiny | fusion 
dark / fire / dragon 

:star-empty: Yumeno Aurora
cross | morph | shiny | fusion 
fire / ice/ electric 


PKMNation || closed breeding

Journal Entry: Tue Jan 10, 2017, 2:16 AM

:pointr: pokemon listed in this journal are not open for public breedings; either because they're lifemated, based off my OCs, story-reasons, other various reasons, or simply has retired from breeding~  

:pointr: please do not ask for breeding with them uwu;; 

Breeding Schedules ]

:bulletblue: = male || :bulletpink: = female  
:bulletblack: = retired from breeding / will never breed 

:bulletblack: Heart's Cry ~ lifemated / retired 
cross | morph 
dragon / rock / steel 

:bulletblack: Little Amapola ~ lifemated / retired 
cross | shiny
fire / grass / poison 

:bulletblue: Deep Impact ~ story-reason 
cross | morph | shiny | fusion 
water / dragon / ice 

:bulletblack: Dream Passport ~ retired  
Houndoom/Alolan Marowak/Walrein 
cross | morph | shiny | fusion  
fire / ice / bug 

:bulletblue: Asakusa Kings ~ lifemated 
cross | morph | shiny | fusion 
electric / dragon / steel r

:bulletpink: Hishi Amazon ~ lifemated 
cross | morph | shiny | fusion 
poison / water / grass 

:bulletblue: Grand Prix Boss ~ lifemated 
cross | morph | shiny | fusion
dark / water / ghost

:bulletpink: Kiss To Heaven ~ lifemated 
cross | morph | shiny 
poison / electric / dragon 

:bulletpink: Dance Partner ~ lifemated 
cross | morph | shiny | fusion 
dark / water / steel 

:bulletpink: Agnes Lady ~ lifemated  
cross | morph | shiny 
water / ice 

:bulletblue: Desert Dune ~ lifemated  
cross | morph | shiny 
ground / dragon / normal 

:bulletblue: Kamui Iramante ~ OC  
morph | shiny | fusion 
dark / dragon / ghost 

:bulletblack: Durandal ~ lifemated / retired 
cross | morph | shiny | fusion 
fire / poison / dark 

:bulletblack: Waka Taishou ~ lifemated / retired
cross | morph | shiny | fusion 
fire / steel / dragon 

:bulletblack: Cosmo Sunbeam ~ retired 
fire / dragon / grass 

:bulletpink: Luna Fontana ~ lifemated 
Alolan Raichu/Pompom Oricorio/Floatzel 
cross | morph | shiny 
electric / psychic / water 

:bulletblue: Captain Thule ~ lifemated(?)
cross | morph 
fire / fighting / steel 

:bulletblack: El Condor Pasa ~ lifemated / retired 
cross | fusion  
fighting | flying | dark 

:bulletblack: Equal Partner ~ lifemated / retired 
cross | morph 
fire / fighting / water 

:bulletblack: Legend Teiou ~ legendary 

:bulletpink: Royal Partner ~ lifemated 
cross | morph | shiny | fusion 
dark / steel / fire 

:bulletblack: Flying Star ~ OC 
cross | morph | shiny | fusion 
water / dark / psychic 

:bulletpink: Razor Tosho ~ lifemated 
cross | morph | shiny | fusion 
grass / rock / ice 

:bulletblack: Night Baron ~ OC 
cross | morph | shiny | fusion 
dark / ghost / dragon 

:bulletblack: Jewelry Eye ~ lifemated   
cross | morph | shiny | fusion 
grass / ghost / electric 

:bulletblack: Tosen Benizakura ~ lifemated / OC / retired 
cross | morph | shiny | fusion 
electric / dragon / dark 

:bulletblack: Freedom Dance ~ lifemated / OC / retired 
cross | morph | shiny | fusion 
dark / psychic / ghost

:bulletblue: Ric Phantom ~ OC / lifemated
cross | morph | shiny | fusion 
dark / ghost / flying 

:bulletblue: Doctor Coreless ~ story-reason
cross | morph | fusion 
dark / fairy / ghost 

:bulletblue: Mamorigami ~ OC 
morph | shiny | fusion 
dark / fighting / ghost 

:bulletblue: Silver Wolf ~ OC 
cross | morph | fusion 
dark / fire / ghost 

:bulletblue: Vanguard ~ OC / lifemated 
cross | morph | shiny
fire / steel / ice 

:bulletblue: Blood Elite ~ lifemated 
poison / flying / dark 

:bulletblue: Grand Prix Star ~ lifemated?  
cross | morph | shiny | fusion 
water / dragon / dark 

:bulletblue: Admire Rakti ~ lifemated 
cross | morph | shiny | fusion 
fire / steel / dragon 

:bulletblue: Nero ~ lifemated 
cross | morph | shiny | fusion 
dragon / dark / poison 

:bulletblack: Grand Hyper ~ OC 
cross | morph | shiny | fusion 
electric / psychic / dark 

:bulletblack: Grand Master ~ OC 
cross | morph | shiny | fusion 
electric / psychic / dark 

:bulletpink: Kyowa Kogane ~ lifemated 
cross | morph | shiny | fusion 
dark / dragon / fire 

:bulletblack: True Night ~ OC 
cross | morph | shiny | fusion 
dark / dragon / ghost 

:bulletblack: Monomane Akira ~ OC(?)  
morph | shiny 

:bulletblue: Hiyaku Shori ~ OC 
cross | morph | shiny | fusion 
water / fairy / dragon 

:bulletpink: Usodesho ~ OC(?) 
cross | morph | shiny 
fire / water / ghost 

:bulletpink: Kachan Kowai ~ to be LM'd(?) 
cross | morph | shiny 
water / dark / psychic 


aka: those that might be open for breeding in the future: 

:bulletblue: Hit The Target  
cross | morph 
water / fighting 

:bulletblue: Tokai Trick  
cross | morph | fusion 
water / fire / dark 

:bulletblue: Toa Raijin  
cross | shiny 
electric / normal / dark 

:bulletblue: Flamming Messiah  

:bulletblack: Papipupepo Puppy
fire / dark

:star: all my rarities are not open for breeding, unless I'm the one personally offer them up, please do not ask about it uwu;; 

:bulletblue: Symboli Rudolf 
Holiday Sawsbuck 

:bulletblue: Starry Sky
Fireworks Charizard 

:bulletblue: T.M. Toppimon 
Lovestruck Plusle  

:bulletblue: Spring Boar
Heartbreak Minun 

:bulletblue: Mohachi Beast
Snowy Pyroar 

:bulletblue: Love Is Boo Shet
Plushie Chespin 

:bulletpink: Derby Miracle
Ice Ponyta 

:bulletpink: Uruwashi Queen
Snowy Pyroar 

:bulletblue: Arima Title
Ice Rapidash 

:bulletblue: Elite Takarao
Vampire Zubat 

:bulletblue: Lionel King 
Barong Shinx 

:bulletblue: Tako
Nightmare Gallade 



Journal Entry: Tue Jan 10, 2017, 2:15 AM

all my weird fishies XD :dummy: 

PS: all the Karps in this journal will not evolve any further, those that will become Gyarados in the future were listed on different journals~  

Breeding Schedules ]

:star: = already lvl 100 
:star-half: = between lvl 31-99 
:star-empty: = still lvl 30 or lower (not open for breeding yet)


:star-empty: American Muscle
cross | fusion 
fighting / water / fire 

:star-half: Ninja

:star: Kazenoko
water / normal / ghost 

:star: Fluky
cross | shiny | fusion 
water / steel / dragon 

:star: Duramente
cross | shiny 
ghost / fairy / water 

:star-empty: Hissatsuwaza

:star-empty: Money Box
water / normal 

:star-empty: Shuji
water / fire / dark 


:star: Omake
water / ghost / flying

:star-half: Uli-uli 


:star-empty: Haru Urara
dragon / rock / water 

:star-half: Wow
cross | morph 
water / normal 

:star-empty: Otsu
cross | fusion 
water / grass / dragon 

:star-half: Polos
water / ground 

:star-empty: Haku Nishiki
morph | fusion 
water / dragon / ghost 

:star-empty: Shalala
water / rock 

:star-empty: Tamago Kake Gohan
cross | shiny 
water / grass / psychic 

:star-half: You'll Do
water / bug / poison 

:star-empty: Magic Carpet
cross | fusion 
water / ground / flying 

:star-half: Kokoro

:star-empty: Tama
cross | shiny 
water / psychic 

:star-empty: Roundly
cross | morph | fusion 
water / poison / dragon 

:star-empty: Hanamichi
water / grass 

:star-empty: Uragiruwayo 
water / fairy / ghost 

not Karps???
but put them here anyway XD;;

:star-half: Tomo'o 
water / ghost / flying 

:star-empty: Masterpiece

:star-empty: Neo Am I Right
ghost / ground / ice 

:star-empty: Neo Very Berry
ghost / ground / grass


PKMNation || commission [CLOSED]

Journal Entry: Sun Dec 4, 2016, 10:36 PM
:new: the commission is currently closed~ 

only for members in

well since its holiday season & I don't have much to do, I'll be opening a small commission :'3c 

:pointr: I will NOT be doing mass level

:pointr: the price will depends on the mon's design as well (see below for detail) 

:pointr: I'll let you know how much your mon will costs, & once you send in the payment, I'll work on it ASAP! 

:pointr: only 3 mons max per member; & I will not do more than 12 levels for a single mon.

:star: PRICE :star:
> 4 levels (fullbody + BG) of 1 not fully evolved mons will starts at 100 :points: 

> 4 levels (fullbody + BG) of 1 fully evolved mons will starts at 150 :points: 

> add in another 50 :points: for each shading 

> if the mons have a complicated marking it will costs another 50 :points: each 

> mons that I don't like on daily basis (Ralts-line fox example) will costs another 100 :points: more
(feel free to ask about it if you're not sure whether your mon is part of this category or not) 

> mons that have a really simple design (for example: Ditto) will have discount on it (I'll let you know the price in reply); but please remember that I do NOT do mass leveling

> commission evolution design will costs 200 :points: for each stage of evolution
(you can just ask for the design of the final stage of the evolution & design the mid-one yourselves, or vice-versa) 

> another 50 :points: each if shading is needed 

> if you only want sketch of it (no proper lineart/color/shading), it will only costs 70 :points: 

> I will refuse doing evolution commission if the mons are from evolution-line that I dislike


Journal Entry: Mon Nov 7, 2016, 11:27 PM
simply recyling ol' journal~


ayyy guys, created a twitter side-account for my ranch  :pointr: :pointr: :pointr:     :iconimhappymplz: 
((more like for Hisei, though Teiou will often took over the account pfft))

if you guys also have a Nation-related twitter account, let me know!!  \ o / 

OC meme thingy

Journal Entry: Mon Sep 26, 2016, 3:23 AM
did the meme cuz im feeling so sleepy but dont wanna nap~ |D;;

1. pick one of your OCs 
2. fill in the questions / statements as if you were your OCs
3. tag 4 people to do this meme just feel free to do it if u want to <3 

I'll be doing this for both of them at the same time:

OC: Kouki the Crimson Demon by MasamuneRevolution  OC: Yuuki the Nekomata by MasamuneRevolution
< Kouki > || < Yuuki > 


1.) What's your name?
<Kouki> : The name's Kouki.
<Yuuki> : Yuuki, nice to meet you~ 

2.) Do you know why you were named that?
<Kouki> : Probably because I'm an Aka-Oni (japanese red-demon), and my name literally means "Crimson Demon". 
<Yuuki> : Mine have the similar meaning of "Demon who lived freely"; and my parents wished that I could live my life the way I wanted it to be. 

3.) Nickname?
<Kouki> : 'Kou-chan', by my wife here -gestures at Yuuki-
<Yuuki> : that's a secret~ only my love -gestures at Kouki- have the right to know and called me by that~ 

4.) Are you single or taken?
<both together> : We're married to each other.

5.) Have any abilities or power?
<Kouki> : not much? aside of being more powerful in term of strength and stamina compares to humans.
<Yuuki> : I could transform to my nekomata form; in any size I want, from a mere house cat-size, to something as big as two-storied house! But on default, my nekomata-form is roughly the size of a leopard. 

6.) Stop being a mary-sue!
<Yuuki> : .......... is that the name of one of your harem?
<Kouki> : No?? You know all my harem are guys? & neither of them have girly name like Mary.

7.) What's your eye color?
<Kouki> : red. 
<Yuuki> : yellow cat-eyes.

8.) How bout hair color?
<Kouki> : red, again, if you haven't guess. 
<Yuuki> : darker than your soul!! pfft, kidding, it's black~ 

9.) Have any family members?
<Kouki> : wife.
<Yuuki> : husband.
<Kouki> : 3 sons. 
<Yuuki> : and my old retired grandpa who's probably have like literal 9 lives.

10.) How about pets?
<Kouki> : Yeah, we have two.
<Yuuki> : their name are Hono and Hone by the way.

11.) Tell me something you don't like
<Kouki> : someone who dare to treat our youngest son differently.
<Yuuki> : yes, I might not be his biological mother, but he's still our beautiful son, AND the next heir of the clan! That, and those who dare to question my authority as the clan's leader. 

12.) Something that you do like?
<Kouki> : going to festivals.... sneaking and blending in the best I could among the crowd of course! 
<Yuuki> : quiet time with family, as well as lazing around under the warmth of the sun while in my nekomata form! 

13.) If you could change anything about you, what would you change?
<both together> : nah~ 

14.) Have you hurt anyone in any way before?
<Yuuki> : Hah, who haven't?   
<Kouki> : well, you heard her~

15.) Ever.... killed anyone before?
<Kouki> : ......... not the humans, but sorta have, I suppose....
<Yuuki> : same, no human causalities from our side yet, and we rather avoid those humans.

16.) What kind of animal are you?
<Kouki> : uh-- japanese demon?? 
<Yuuki> : japanese demon cat!

17.) Name your worse habits?
<Kouki> : flirting with anyone~ 
<Yuuki> : & I don't mind him doing that! --giggles--  In fact, I even once /command/ him to have another baby with someone cause both of our twin sons refused to be the next clan leader; nor that I want another kids out of my body. 
<Kouki> : oh honey, you're still my only love though <3
<Yuuki> : Heh, of course you are! <3

18.) Do you look up to anyone at all?
<Kouki> : used to, yeah.... 
<Yuuki> : -points at Kouki- him <3 

19.) Are you gay, straight, or bisexual?
<Kouki> : more to a pan, and with harem; but Yuuki is still the only women I have slept with <3
<Yuuki> : straight; but I don't care what one sexual preference is. 

20.) Do you go to school?
<Kouki> : nope, no school for demons exist anyway.
<Yuuki> : our knowledge was simply passed down by our parents or grandparents, occasionally the elder members of the clan also help in teaching the younger generations.

21.) Ever want to marry and have kids one day?
<both together> : been there, done that --both snorted--

22.) Do you have any fangirls/fanboys?
<Kouki> : well, if my harem counts, yes? 
<Yuuki> : I'm his fangirl -gestures at Kouki & giggles-

23.) What are you most afraid of?
<both together> : the safety of our children; it's not easy living in this world you know.... 

24.) What do you usually wear?
<both together> : always kimono; from formal to casual, and occasionally yukata during summer.

25.) What's one food that tempts you?
<Yuuki> : raw seafood!!!
<Kouki> : and by that she means sashimi. As for me, anything that goes well with rice will do! 

26.) Am I annoying you?
<Kouki> : That reminds us......
<Yuuki> : .... who are YOU?? 

27.) Well, its not over!
<both together> : okay?? 

28.) What class are you? (low / middle / high class?)
<Yuuki> : I'm from an elite bakeneko(demonic cat) clan in the northeastern part of Japan, so.... high class I suppose? 
<Kouki> : Before I married into Yuuki's family, I was originally from middle ranked demon from an island on the southern part of Japan; now I rule the clan alongside her. 

29.) How many friends do you have?
<Kouki> : -look at his harem- does them count? 
<Yuuki> : not really interested with those who are not part of the family or clan.  

30.) What are you thoughts on pie?
<both together> : we don't mind them, but we prefer Japanese food~ 

31.) Favorite drink?
<Kouki> : sake 
<Yuuki> : beer 
<both together> : or both, both are good! 

32.) What's your favorite place?
<both together> : at home with our family~  
<Kouki> : though I also love place with warmer climate, considering I came from the southern part of Japan where it rarely to never snow.

33.) What's your least favorite place?
<Kouki> : places with thick snow during winter ugh.....
<Yuuki> : hmm.... I don't know, but I'd prefer to avoid crowded places if possible. 

34.) Are you interested in anyone?
<Kouki> : anyone who are interested in me will do~ 
<Yuuki> : aside of my own family and clan, nope again~ 

35.) That was a stupid question.
<Yuuki> : well, why are you asking  the stupid question then?  
<Kouki> : haha~ just ignore it, dear!  

36.) If you are a girl, what's your cup size? If you are a guy, how big are you?
<Kouki> : that's a rude question for my wife!!  
<Yuuki> : you heard the big guy~ 

37.) Would you rather swim in the lake or the ocean?
<Kouki> : either will do.
<Yuuki> : hot spring!!
<Kouki> : you are not supposed to swim in there..... 
<Yuuki> : hah!! make me! 

38.) Any fetishes?
<both together> : that's a secret~ 

39.) Camping or indoors?
<Kouki> : either. 
<Yuuki> : indoor.

40.) If you had a million dollars, what would you do with it? And I don't want no cheap answer.
<Yuuki> : spent them all on catnip! 
<Kouki>: ...........
<Yuuki> : pff just kidding, buying a small private island all for our own family and clan sounds nice! 
<Kouki> : you heard the lady!  

Hisei cuz why not >w>)b 

PKMNation [trainer/breeder]: Hisei by MasamuneRevolution 

PS: weeks(months?) back at the mod chat, it was suggested that Hisei should be able to speaks multiple languages; cuz me, the artist, could. I understand 6 languages, although im only fluent on 4 of them, so I'll have it that Hisei would switch from one language to another depends on how he feels about the questions or situation -- & not just in this meme, I might pull this /stunt/ as well if needed in the story; but on default, he'll stick to english, 2nd option will be japanese (I probably going full japanese during battles yes 8Dc), & 3rd indonesian (only on very very rare occasion/mostly when he wants to insult someone maybe) xD 
PSS: i will not translate the sentences when I do use other language than english for Hisei, so either you have to google translate them (which often not 100% accurate) or leave it as a mystery XD ((or, if we are close enough, u can ask me through skype)) & now Hisei could insult someone right in front of their face pffft  //whapped 

1.) What's your name?
I'm amazed by the fact that you came here to waste my time with stupid questions, and yet you don't know my name?? 

2.) Do you know why you were named that?

3.) Nickname?
......... "son" by a certain someone from my workplace.....

4.) Are you single or taken?

5.) Have any abilities or power?
what do you expect from a human anyway?? 

6.) Stop being a mary-sue!
.............. who??? 

7.) What's your eye color?

8.) How bout hair color?

9.) Have any family members?
have someone who claimed himself as my /dad/, yeah.... 

10.) How about pets?
---Omake floats in, pets you in the head--- that one, and a few others somewhere around the house.... 

11.) Tell me something you don't like
Do you want the long list or the short list? 

12.) Something that you do like?
my weird pet fish.

13.) If you could change anything about you, what would you change?
all I wish was that I shouldn't have agreed to answer this silly questions 5 minutes ago. 

14.) Have you hurt anyone in any way before?
too troublesome. 

15.) Ever.... killed anyone before?
fortunately or unfortunately, no. 

16.) What kind of animal are you?
Did you just asked me that!??  

17.) Name your worse habits?

18.) Do you look up to anyone at all?
--look at the cellphone given by his /dad/-- たぶん.... 

19.) Are you gay, straight, or bisexual?

20.) Do you go to school?
I'm too old to be in one now. 

21.) Ever want to marry and have kids one day?
--stares at you in disgust-- 

22.) Do you have any fangirls/fanboys?
I'm doubting it. 

23.) What are you most afraid of?
winter. But more to hate than afraid. 

24.) What do you usually wear?
human clothing.

25.) What's one food that tempts you?
hate sweets, n that's all you need to know. 

26.) Am I annoying you?

27.) Well, its not over!

28.) What class are you? (low / middle / high class?)
?? do you mean as in trainer?? I'm also an officer in Nation.  

29.) How many friends do you have?
Personally rarely to never in contact with other people outside of my work, although a few trainers actually consider themselves my friends &/or family? Or so what they said. 

30.) What are you thoughts on pie?
just another food. Not my favorite either. 

31.) Favorite drink?

32.) What's your favorite place?

33.) What's your least favorite place?
crowded places. 

34.) Are you interested in anyone?
--stares at you like looks into the camera like he's on the office--  

35.) That was a stupid question.
--still stares at you like looks into the camera like he's on the office-- 

36.) If you are a girl, what's your cup size? If you are a guy, how big are you?
what would you gained from this question anyway?

37.) Would you rather swim in the lake or the ocean?
I rather stayed at home, but if I have to choose, either will do as long as it's not too crowded. 

38.) Any fetishes?

39.) Camping or indoors?

40.) If you had a million dollars, what would you do with it? And I don't want no cheap answer.
Not even a cent for you for sure. 

poke meme-tag thing

Journal Entry: Wed Aug 17, 2016, 11:36 PM
tagged by AllegedStitches~  <3

Gen 1:
1.  Mewtwo  
2. / Magikarp / Gyarados 
3. / Charmander / Charizard 
4.  Nidoking
5. / Meowth / Persian
honorable mentions: Raichu, Arbok, Arcanine, Rapidash, Marowak, Articuno, Mew

Gen 2:
1. / Houndour / Houndoom 
2.  Typhlosion
3. Tyranitar
4. Feraligatr 
5.  Steelix 
honorable mentions: Spinarak, Raikou 

Gen 3:
1.  Aggron 
2.  Walrein 
3.  Blaziken 
4.  Rayquaza 
5.  Sharpedo 
honorable mentions: Gulpin, Wailord, Groudon  

Gen 4:
1.  Empoleon 
2.  Floatzel 
3.  Luxray 
4.  Garchomp
5.  Giratina 
honorable mentions: Infernape, Drifloon, Honchkrow, Lucario, Hippowdon

Gen 5:
1. // Oshawott / Dewott / Samurott 
2.  Hydreigon
3.  Krookodile
4.  Serperior 
5.  Scraggy 
honorable mentions: Zebstrika, Liepard, Scolipede, Zorua, Eelektross, Sawsbuck, Haxorus, Kyurem 

Gen 6:
1. / Tyrunt / Tyrantrum 
2.  Chespin  
3. Noivern
4. - 
5. - 
honorable mentions: N/A 
((now u know why gen 6's my least fav gen of the franchise)) >w>;;;

Gen 7:
1. / Mudbray / Mudslade 
2.  Primarina 
3.  Rowlet  
4.  Mimikyu
5. / Rockruff / Lycanroc 
honorable mentions: Salazzle, Wimpod, Dewpider, Sandygast, Pyukumuku, Tapu Koko, Tapu Bulu, Cosmog

> too lazy to tag - but feel free to do it if u're bored  |Dc 

ol' tags

Tagged by OmegaCrafter17 

I just finished packing everything like an hour ago (its almost 2AM EST currently) - was planning to off to bed right after but I gotten really hungry & don't think i could sleep with empty stomach so.... doing this meme tag thing that everyone & their parents probably have done; while munching on some before-bed-cereal~  >w>


-Use a Random Number Generator to select your answers.

-Tag your rivals.

-Have fun during your adventure!


You started your Pokémon journey:

1)         At age 10.

2)         At age 15.

3)         After finishing high school.

4)         After finishing college.

5)         As far back as you can remember; You grew up in the wilds with Pokémon.

6)         No idea; You suffered an accident that erased your previous memory.

well okay at least I'm old enough XD tho TBH, i was kind of bored of the pokemon game until i went to college (in Japan) & played the BW game, so it kinda fits, I suppose? (also the reason why BW/BW2 were my current no.1 fav poke-game)


The weather was:

1)         Sunny.

2)         Sunny with some clouds.

3)         Cloudy.

4)         Rainy.

5)         Snowy.

6)         A natural disaster.

dont expect me to go out unless the temperature's warm enough 


You started your journey because:

1)         You want to be the very best.

2)         You want to catch ‘em all.

3)         You want to be a master coordinator.

4)         You want to meet many people.

5)         You want to discover new Pokémon.

6)         You want to explore lost places.

i used to completed my pokedex back in BW2 (tho i lost interest in doing so again after XY)  :'Dc  


Your starter Pokémon is:

1)         SHINY BONUS (use Random Pokémon Generator)

2-6)     (use Random Pokémon Generator)

NICE!!! 1 of my fav 'mon <3
(also, does this mean i actually start with charmander? or it's already a full blown mega charizard??) 

In the beginning, your starter:

1)         Was practically your twin.

2)         Became your friend immediately.

3)         Liked you.

4)         Was wary of you.

5)         Disliked you greatly.

6)         Tried to kill you.

aha whoops gotta admit im not the nicest trainer around, so ye
THAT, or the starter was simply too high lvl for me atm XD

The first great obstacle of your journey was:

1)         A rival battle.

2)         A treacherous route.

3)         A wild Pokémon attack.

4)         A Pokémon gym.

5)         A battle with a criminal team member.

6)         A sapling.

well duh I'm an in-home person

At this obstacle, the two of you:

1)         Triumphed with little resistance.

2)         Achieved victory, though it was tough.

3)         Won, but just barely.

4)         Tied with the opposition.

5)         Lost, though you put up a good fight.

6)         Failed miserably.

^ ??????? i fight a route n still tied??? 

The second Pokémon you caught is:

1)         SHINY BONUS (use Random Pokémon Generator)

2-6)     (use Random Pokémon Generator)

Lapras by CreepyJellyfish
good, I got both air & sea transportation covered XD

Your starter and second Pokémon:

1)         Love each other dearly.

2)         Are good friends.

3)         Get along well enough.

4)         Don’t seem to like each other.

5)         Ignore each other.

6)         Are constantly at each other’s throats.

.............. u know what? even the RNG turning me into more Hisei-like LMAO

When the sun begins to set, you:

1)         Set up camp immediately.

2)         Make a fire. You need nothing else.

3)         Only stop to sleep when it becomes too dark to continue.

4)         Keep walking. A lack of sun makes no difference to you.

5)         Break into a run, hoping to find shelter before nightfall.

6)         Pick up camp. You only travel at night.

//stares at the time..... >3>;;;

You pass through civilization:

1)         Often enough to keep your electronics charged.

2)         At least once a week.

3)         If it happens to be on your way.

4)         Occasionally, but only for supplies.

5)         Rarely, and only on the outskirts.

6)         Never.

PFFFT I CANT EVEN (Hisei is that you???)

Your third Pokémon is:

1)         SHINY BONUS (use Random Pokémon Generator)

2-6) (use Random Pokémon Generator)

Feebas by CreepyJellyfish

okay cant hv 'Karp so I'll settle with the 'Bas :Y 

The three Pokémon on your team:

1)         Work together flawlessly.

2)         Cooperate well, but could use some work.

3)         Have moments of synergy, though not often.

4)         Try their best, yet are on completely different beats.

5)         Constantly work against each other.

6)         Blame you for their horrible collaboration.

yep I could see that happening 

When the going gets tough:

1)         Your team pulls through every time.

2)         Your starter carries the weight.

3)         You come up with a brilliant solution.

4)         You win by hax.

5)         You win by dumb luck.

6)         You get going the opposite direction.

that..... sounds VERY suspicious 

Two evolutions have occurred by this point:

1)         Starter and 2 evolve.

2)         2 and 3 evolve.

3)         3 and starter evolve.

4)         Starter evolves twice

5)         2 evolves twice.

6)         3 evolves twice.

uh-? dont think charizard could evolve further.... unless u mean it was supposed to start as charmander, then ye~ 

Over time, you find you work best with and mostly train:

1)         Grass, Bug, and Poison types.

2)         Water, Ice, and Flying types.

3)         Fire, Electric, and Fighting types.

4)         Ground, Rock, and Steel types.

5)         Dark, Ghost, and Psychic types.

6)         Normal, Dragon, and Fairy types.

............ why fairy; if this is nuzlocke, watch me RIP'd those who are in those type

Your fourth Pokémon (type #1) is:

1)         SHINY BONUS (use Random Pokémon Generator)

2-6) (use Random Pokémon Generator)

Heliolisk by CreepyJellyfish

weird lizard thing 

Your fifth Pokémon (type #2) is:

1)         SHINY BONUS (use Random Pokémon Generator)

2-6)      (use Random Pokémon Generator)

Gabite by CreepyJellyfish

YES! <3 

Your sixth Pokémon (type #3) is:

1)         SHINY BONUS (use Random Pokémon Generator)

2-6)      (use Random Pokémon Generator)

Azumarill by CreepyJellyfish

.............. can I just release it back to the wild??? 

You are offered a trade, and it’s up to you to take it or leave it:

1)         SHINY BONUS (use Random Pokémon Generator)

2-6)      (use Random Pokémon Generator)

Monferno by CreepyJellyfish

yes, yes, n yes, u can hv the egg-like water rabbit from earlier >3>;;

Another evolution occurs:

1)         Starter evolves.

2)         2 evolves.

3)         3 evolves.

4)         4 evolves.

5)         5 evolves.

6)         6 evolves.

so the 'Bas is now a Milotic~ 

Your team:

1)         Is your family.

2)         Gets jealous whenever you interact with other trainers.

3)         Would protect you from anything.

4)         Is loyal to you, but mostly aloof.

5)         At least tolerates each of their differences by this point.

6)         Is a pretty much a big, chaotic mess.

ISTG this meme is just Hisei's story isnt it?? 
I'm treating this meme tag thing as/for/to Hisei starting from this point; fight me

You travel mostly by:

1)         Well-worn footpath.

2)         Overgrown trail.

3)         Water.

4)         Air.

5)         Cave.

6)         Wilderness.

avoid city, camping in the dark cave, why im not surprise 

Another evolution occurs:

1)         Starter evolves.

2)         2 evolves.

3)         3 evolves.

4)         4 evolves.

5)         5 evolves.

6)         6 evolves.

well, the monkey's now a monkey king xP 

Your journey takes you:

1)         Not far from home.

2)         Across the region.

3)         To another region.

4)         Across many regions.

5)         Around the world.

6)         To places unknown.

for someone who's avoiding civilization, thats one big journey XD;;; 

The strongest Pokémon you faced in battle on your journey was:

1)         SHINY BONUS (use Random Pokémon Generator)

2-6) (use Random Pokémon Generator)

  Xatu by CreepyJellyfish

it does look like it could kill u with just its stare...... 

Another evolution occurs:

1)         Starter evolves.

2)         2 evolves.

3)         3 evolves.

4)         4 evolves.

5)         5 evolves.

6)         6 evolves.

it cant evolve any further :Y 

The event with the greatest impact on you was:

1)         Becoming a Pokémon Champion.

2)         The grand evolution of a team member in a dire moment.

3)         Finding a hidden landmark of great beauty.

4)         Encountering a legendary Pokémon.

5)         Having an out-of-body experience in a haunted building.

6)         Discovering you’re a child of Mew.


The hardest trial you ever faced was:

1)         Fighting your rival to become Champion.

2)         Realizing just how much you have to walk and still sticking out this whole journey thing.

3)         Being lost for weeks.

4)         Assisting in taking down a criminal organization.

5)         Losing a Pokémon.

6)         Realizing there are way too many Pokémon to ever catch ‘em all.

okay if this supposed to be Hisei's story, then yes, he's the type that wont care with someone or whatever do whatever crime thing; so I'll assume someone dragged him into this XD 

Your starter:

1)         Is your strongest Pokémon and best friend.

2)         Is your good friend, but far from the strongest.

3)         Is your strongest Pokémon, but emotionally distant.

4)         Is about the same as the rest of your team.

5)         Stayed behind some point during your journey.

6)         Is deceased.

of course, Hisei would disowned him if he's not >w>;;;

And you are now:

1)         Gambling all the money you’ve earned in the Celadon Game Corner.

2)         Hidden away at the top of Mt. Silver for an indefinite amount of time.

3)         Exploring the many islands littered in the oceans surrounding Hoenn.

4)         Lost in the Distortion World after a mishap in the ruins at Mt. Coronet.

5)         Trolling inexperienced trainers in the Driftveil World Tournament.

6)         Reflecting on past decisions beside the monument of Geosenge Town.

How anti-social are u Hisei LMAO

The team that saw you to your journey’s end: 

so.... if I did this right: 

> nickname: Jeruk Manis 

Lapras by CreepyJellyfish
> nickname: Keong Laut 

Milotic by CreepyJellyfish
> nickname: Not-Karp-But-Ok

Heliolisk by CreepyJellyfish
> nickname: Cicak 

Gabite by CreepyJellyfish
> nickname: Hiu Darat
(why u not evolve into garchomp)

Infernape by CreepyJellyfish
> nickname: Raja Kera 

& fun game: try google translate those nickname (indonesian -> english) to see what their nickname means (except the one for the milotic cuz duh) XDDDD

also fun fact: sometimes when I re-play my poke game with nuzlocke rule just for the heck of it (aka: how long does it take for my whole team to be RIP yes sometimes I'm evil like that), I often named my 'mons lamely like that XD;;; 
same with the pokemon I got for Poke-Go, I lit. named some of them like "Cacing" or "Rumput" XD;;;; 

last but not least, my flight back home is tomorrow evening (.....or today's evening, for the exact); & I'll have to off to airport on 4 PM  EST, might or might not online again tomorrow - might if I wake up early, but if not, see u all again whenever I have free wifi on the transit airports~ XD

last but not least, now that I had ate something; good night <3

this thing took longer than expected pfff


Journal Entry: Sun Jul 10, 2016, 10:29 AM
plz ignore if you are not part of


PKMNation [trainer/breeder]: Hisei by MasamuneRevolution
The actual "tyrant" of the ranch, demand an absolute loyalty from his pokemons.
Will not hesitant to get rid of them once he thinks they are not up to his standard; as well as twisting their personality if that means he'll gets a pokemon with the "right" personality that fits his standard. He unfortunately also doesn't understand pokemon's language. Last but not least, he rarely goes outside the house, & will only do so when it related to his "work" (aka: events entry for the group)

PKMNation: Legend Teiou by MasamuneRevolution  PKMNation: Flying Star by MasamuneRevolution  PKMNation: Omake by MasamuneRevolution
Legend Teiou || Flying Star || Omake 
Basically have the highest "rank" among the ranch's pokemon. (Neither are really a leader type of sort, the "status" was given to them just so no one dares to harm them). 
Teiou also works as the "translator" for Hisei in translating the pokemon language's to human's.

PKMNation: Waka Taishou by MasamuneRevolution  PKMNation: Durandal by MasamuneRevolution 
Waka Taishou || Durandal 
Mostly stays together in the center of the ranch, inside their trainer's house. Listen to direct order from Hisei, & they will then pass it on to the vice-guards/messengers of the ranch. Could be consider as the ranch's "second-in-command" right under Hisei.  

PKMNation: Grand Prix Seiha by MasamuneRevolution  PKMNation: Gift Of Hope by MasamuneRevolution  PKMNation: Grand Prix Magnum by MasamuneRevolution  PKMNation: Good Spirits by MasamuneRevolution
Grand Prix Seiha || Gift Of Hope || Grand Prix Magnum || Good Spirits
Mostly in charge of passing on the commands from Waka &/or Durandal to the border guards, or to other ranch mates when needed; as well as the other way around. Often help the other guards by patrolling around the ranch as well. 
Kusanagi, although not a properly chosen guard, she sometimes help them (aka: tagged along) with the job as well. 

PKMNation: Vermillion by MasamuneRevolution  PKMNation: Blue Concorde by MasamuneRevolution  PKMNation: Divine Light by MasamuneRevolution  PKMNation: Casino Toradamashi by MasamuneRevolution 
Vermillion || Blue Concorde || Divine Light || Casino Toradamashi 
Respectively patrols the southern, northern, eastern, & western borders.
They will not leave their post no matter what happened; all visitors will have to go through them/gets their permission to enter the ranch, anyone who does not will be considered trespassers.  

♠ HOME'S GUARDS ♠ :new:
PKMNation: Grand Prix City by MasamuneRevolution
A newly appointed rank. City's role was simple and clear, to stay nearby the trainer's house's front door, and guard it. Unlike his brother Waka, who along with Durandal accompanied their Master to everywhere, City stayed and guard the home. He basically acted like a 'Cerberus' who guards the gate to the underworld. XD   
Kusanagi, although not a properly chosen guard, she sometimes help him with the job as well. 

PKMNation: Kyowa Roaring by MasamuneRevolution  PKMNation: Joie De Vivre by MasamuneRevolution  PKMNation: Chaosmos by MasamuneRevolution
Kyowa Roaring || Joie De Vivre || Chaosmos  
Just like what their (unofficial)"rank" implies, their job is to get rid of those trespassers who managed to slipped through the border guards, yet too late to be found by the other guards to be drove out of the ranch. [PS: guards mostly chase trespassers out, but this two? they eat them up as a snack]  
The "story" of Kyo-Jho twin, along with their descendants (who all bore the name "Kyowa") are often told to the ranch's younger generations pokemon, about how they will eat "naughty kids" like how human sometimes do in telling their children myth/urban legend/those alike; the only differences is that they really could eat one up, & not some made up stories by their parents; that's why many of the young pokemon are terrified of them. 
:new: Unlike Kyo & Jho who somehow gained & established this said "rank" in the ranch before, Chaos was one who recently "chosen" by Hisei to be part of the "Executioners". The twin don't really mind the new member outside their own family as well. Those who are strong enough to be acknowledged by their Master are worthy in their territory after all. 

PKMNation: Heart's Cry by MasamuneRevolution  PKMNation: Little Amapola by MasamuneRevolution
PKMNation: Deep Impact by MasamuneRevolution  PKMNation: Dream Passport by MasamuneRevolution
Heart's Cry || Little Amapola 
Deep Impact || Dream Passport

The eldest pokemon currently live in the ranch. Heart is the only Hisei's starters left who still resides at home, & Amapola was the very first pokemon - & the first female, to be bought into the ranch, she later becomes Heart's lifemate. These four do not have much power nor influence within the ranch's "rank", but almost everyone in the ranch respects them (especially with Heart & Amapola), and will not pick a fight with them. 

PKMNation: Grand Prix Boss by MasamuneRevolution
 Grand Prix Boss
Probably the most well known 'mon of the ranch. Despite his personality/attitude/temperamental issue, Prix is NOT, & does NOT, dreams of conquering Nation like some of the other well known "tyrants" of the Nation. Instead of a tyrant, which he often labeled as (not that he minds), he's actually more to a selfish, snappy, & sometimes sarcastic arrogant "mafia leader" with anger issue; with the family members literally made up of his very own descendants.
To make thing simple about this "conquer the Nation" matter, does a mafia leader rules a country? The answer is no. Simple like that. That's why he bows down to Hisei, the actual ruler of the ranch - and yes, the only one who could make him cower in fear is Hisei, & Hisei alone
The only part that made him a tyrant (if you want to put it that way)? The relationship between him & his father, Dream Passport. He also will not tolerate those (aka: his descendants) who are not loyal to him. But other than that - again - no, he is NOT interested in such silly & unrealistic stuff like "conquering" the country. & also, no, he does not care if your ranch's tyrants are running about going to conquers the country or whatsoever; not that he could wander out of the ranch with all the ranch's rules & stuffs anyway.
He despise those who are closely related to Kiss To Heaven. For him, Kiss is, and will always be, his only "rival". The other infamous "tyrants" of the Nation are never in his mind, nor his problem.

(mainly apply to the pokemon)

:pointr: the Derby ranch was divided into 5 sections: east, west, north, south, & center - with each of the sections are respectively inhabited by pokemon of mostly certain bloodline (more info below):

> Border-guard of the area: Divine Light
> Leader (aka: head of the family) of the area: Asakusa Kings
> Sub-leader (second in command): Kiss To Heaven 
> the "elderly" (aka: retired leaders): Heart's Cry & Little Amapola 
> bloodline? : mostly if not all of those who live in this area are related to Heart's Cry & Little Amapola
> personal bodyguards for the family: Kotobuki Kirin & Kotobuki Senpu
> danger level (for visitors &/or trespassers): medium 

> Border-guard of the area: Vermillion
> Leader (aka: head of the family) of the area: Grand Prix Boss
> Sub-leaders (respectively highest to lowest in this rank): Dance PartnerRoyal PartnerFreedom Dance
> the "elderly" (aka: retired leader more to: thrown off the throne for this case):  Dream Passport
bloodline? : mostly if not all of those who live in this area are related to Grand Prix Boss
> personal messengers for the family: Blood Elite & Captain Thule
> danger level (for visitors &/or trespassers): high 

> Border-guard of the area: Casino Toradamashi 
> Leaders (aka: head of the family the biggest terrors) of the area: Kyowa Roaring, & Joie De Vivre
> Sub-leader: Chaosmos (due to him only acts when asked/needed to, unlike the twin)

> bloodline? : none; mostly mix & match of those who are eager to wreak havoc. Literally only the strongest survive this area
> danger level (for visitors &/or trespassers): extreme 

> Border-guard of the area: Blue Concorde
> Leader (aka: the eldest) in the area: Deep Impact
> bloodline? : none; mostly those who are not related to either Heart's Cry &/or Grand Prix Boss; or those few who are neutral with this bloodline matter reside in this area.   

> danger level (for visitors &/or trespassers): low 

:star: CENTER PART OF THE RANCH (aka where the trainer house is): 
> "leader" of the whole ranch: the trainer himself 
> "special" pokemon: Legend TeiouFlying Star, & Omake 
> Ranch's head-guards (second in command / trainer's bodyguards): Waka Taishou &  Durandal 
> house's guard: Grand Prix City (+ Kusanagi
> the vice-guards / messengers: Grand Prix SeihaGift Of Hope, Grand Prix Magnum, & Good Spirits
> bloodline? : none; beside the 'mons mentioned above in this section, only Hisei's "pet" Karps reside in this area
> danger level (for visitors &/or trespassers): undetermined 

PS: not all my 'mons ref are up-to-date with where they mostly resides, so please don't hesitate to ask if you want to know where they are usually found in my ranch ;>w>)b

♦ None of my 'mons are allowed to wander out of the ranch without Hisei's permission (or the Head-guards permission for the at least).

♦ Pokemon (visitors) who comes in will have to get the permission from the ranch-guards to enter. Those who are related 
(aka: descendants, or mates from other ranch) to one of the pokemon in Derby are allowed to enter, as long as they promised not to caused any problem. 
The ranch will not responsible to any injury or accident if your pokemon strays into the ranch. 

♦ the ranch's is mostly made up of open grass field; with a small patch of thick dark forest near the western border, the eastern border has the most water, the northern border is mostly open field 
& mountain range could be seen from there, the southern part have the most rocky outcroppings here and there. While the trainer's house is at the middle section of the whole ranch. 

{{will add more once i think up more?? feel free to ask questions, & I'll add them up here if I find it necessary |D }}


Journal Entry: Mon Nov 30, 2015, 11:21 PM
here's the long awaited result of the contest~ 

first, let me apologize for barely to never leave any comments in your replies, and only did the classic fav-n-run to your entries ^^; 
life has been busy at times...... I'll be lying if I say I didn't stress myself out in trying to get a reply up ASAP; that- & also other things that had stressed me out that I actually went offline for a few days (dont think anyone noticed but yeah)  OTL 
but one thing for sure is that I DID read all of your entries AND the comments you have wrote under my own submissions (contest related or not); I always re-read the entries from the very first part for any hint that I could use for my part of replies as well..... so, apologize before hand if I seem so cold with comments recently ;w;   

anyway, let's just skip this boring part & jumped straight to those chosen one! (;>w<)b

Those who have earned the breeding right, & respect, from Prix:

PKMnation - Artemis by Dianamond 
[ accepted ] 
- strong fighters, seems to know how to handle Prix's personality. Also, having maxed out BA just like Prix, means she will be able to handle Prix's strength without any problem.
[gets 100 :points:

Razor ref by crunchbite101
[ accepted ] 
- impressed Prix with her stubbornness for not giving up despite going against both Prix & Prix II together at the same time.   
[gets 100 :points:

.:PKMNation - Flins The Tyrantrum/Marowak:. by Malla123
[ accepted ] 
- for vowing loyalty to Prix; as well as level headed enough not to pick a fight right away even when Prix snapped at him, & smart enough to get his way around by using words & actions shown to Prix, not just all talks & no actions.  
[gets 100 :points:

PKMNation - Bonnie Lass by Tyto-Tenebricosa
[ accepted ] 
- impressed Prix during her fight with her own ranch mate; that, & the fact that they both share the same "strict" Master, seems could be a good/interesting topic of conversation for both of them in the future.
[gets 100 :points:

Asuka by VictoriousUsagi
[ accepted ] 
- impressed Prix with the bravery against the twin - came back alive, bigger & stronger; as well as wanting to vowed loyalty towards Prix. 
[gets 100 :points:

KingCandyKarp's Erlking [ refused by the owner ] 
- Prix gave his promise, & Erlking did impressed Prix with his moves by getting back to Durandal (in Prix's stead) xD;;
[gets 100 :points:

Please read what written below first, then leave a comment in this journal saying whether you(r pokemon) will accept to be Prix's "mate" or not~

PS [to those whose pokemon are chosen, please read]:

once you(your pokemon) has accepted to be 1 of Prix's "mates", starting from year 2016, your pokemon will close from any other public breeding, & will only breed with Prix, & Prix alone in the future. (or, you can close them off right away starting from today) 
If your said pokemon happened to breed with other pokemon besides Prix after this, you will lost your breeding right with Prix, & all his descendants who stay at home, right away! (if this happen, your pokemon can still breed with his descendants who has been sold to other ranches, of course, because I do not have the right to say no on those XD) 

& also, although I (ie: the artist) did mentioned this as "lifemate" contest, Prix will NEVER, ever, refers your pokemon as "his mate/wife/soulmate/harem/etc", for you only earned a breeding right - & a respect from him, nothing more, nothing less. 

"If Prix doesn't consider them as his /mate/, why our pokemon are not allowed to breed with other pokemon?"
> I know some pokemon doesn't really like the idea of taken in as "harem", for they will be regarded as someone "below" Prix -- but just like how you want to keep your pokemon in-character, I also want to have Prix to be in-character as well, & I do not think he will like it to share his "partner" with someone else, & the possibly of "weak" babies they might produce when they breed with someone else but him, & the fact that those babies will be half-sibling with his won't sit well with Prix. That- as well as Prix is simply a selfish & arrogant jerk to begin with, so no, no sharing allowed >w>;;

Again, you still have the right to either accept to be his "mate", or simply decline -- whatever your decision is, just remember that you already won Prix's respect, & your pokemon will be granted "free entrance" to my ranch, without getting worried to be stopped or attacked by the guards. And yes, this includes those have been chosen but declined to be Prix's mate(s)! 

Last but not least, please remember that Prix will NOT be genderstone if your pokemon is a male ^^ 

I'd really hope you guys read what written above thoroughly first before you reply back to me with the yes or no - no big rush for this one, for you actually have time to decide/think about this until the very last day of year 2015 XP 

PS: I know the group is mostly close for the later half of December, but to those who made it into the finalist listed above, can still breed with other pokemons this month (this December), but they are not allowed to do so again once its January 2016. 

PPS:  for those who are chosen - & have accepted to be 1 of Prix's "mate", & close off from public breeding, you can breed your pokemon with Prix starting from this month -- or, if you prefer to wait until later in the future (for the sake of your own story/etc), I will not be stopping you on that as well for this was the contest to win a breeding right with Prix in the future; but if you wishes to breed soon, it will be first comes first serves basis, with the first available slot will starts from Dec 7th (Monday) <-- to those who have accepted right away 
:pointr: You can check the breeding slots up to the first 3 months of 2016 here: BREEDING SCHEDULE
& I'll be providing both modify liquid & shimmer potion for the first breeding~
lastly, I think most, if not all of those chosen one are already in their lvl of 100, but in case they are not yet, please make sure that they reached lvl 100 before our scheduled breeding date, since I want their babies to have the BA of 40 (if you need help with the lvls, let me know, & I'll try to help as much as I can~ ♥) 


Those who doesn't make it into the finalist choices: 

Never replied [each gets 50 :points:
> Orion-Starshine's Sabre ~ never replied back  
> GelatoPikachu's Ume ~ never replied back 

Pulled out [each gets 70 :points:
> anntheazelf101's Eleanor Rigby 
> Squiggy13's Palladia-Mors 
Firethroat's Camille 

Story doesn't ends [each gets 70 :points:
> millemusen's Zecora
> WolfLover595's Brenda 
> Rune-Chaser's Sierra

Rejected [gets 90 :points:
> OkamiTatsu's Yuki-Oni 
- fought good just like Artemis, & would had the same chance as her, but Yuki-Oni sharp insults will never sit well with Prix. Your pokemon supposed to impressed Prix, & not to insult Prix. So unfortunately, no, Prix will never accept her no matter how strong she is.  

PKMNation | traited DOD

Journal Entry: Tue Nov 3, 2015, 12:59 AM


PKMNation: clutch 134
D3.) female | Spiritomb/Skarmory | CROSS [on hold] Furuitcake
PKMNation: Clutch 135
D3.) male | Spiritomb | poison FUSION [on hold] Furuitcake


the parents for all the clutches/babies: Blood Elite x Royal Partner
their BA: 40 

cross option: Zubat / Purrloin / Spiritomb / Skarmory 

fusion option (if available/depends on the cross): poison / flying / dark / steel / fire 

any of the DOD/DYO listed below that are not bought by the end of this year, will be culled out~  uwu;

:pointr: ID: 10181
♦ [ CLOSED ] - DYO CROSS + MORPH ♀ || Sarahostervig || 150 :points: / 120 pts for members with less than 200 pkmn

:pointr: ID: 10350 
[ CLOSED ] - DYO CROSS + MORPH + FUSION || Jelliot21 || 180 :points: / 150 pts for members with less than 200 pkmn
> gender availability: male / female 

ID: 12781 
BA: 40 
sire: Sun Glow
dam: Derby Miracle

:new: ♦ [ on hold ] - PONYTA FUSION ♂ || StormHavenRanch || 90 :points: / 50 pts for members with less than 200 pkmn
> fusion options: fighting / normal / ice 

 ID : 13942 || BA: 40 || Grand Prix Boss x Razor Tosho 

> cross option: houndour / buizel / tyrunt / snivy 
> fusion option (depends on the cross): dark / water /ghost / dragon / grass / flying 

* CROSS + SHINY + FUSION ♀ :pointr: LuxrayNation 

Grand Prix's continuation [Nov 27]

Journal Entry: Thu Oct 22, 2015, 4:12 AM
:star: [Nov 17 update]: DEADLINE = NOV 27th :new:

I was actually going to say Nov 30, then I realized that the game Monster Hunter X(Cross) will be release on Nov 28, & whenever this series release a new game, I will lit. sold all my soul & time to that game, esp on the first few days/week or so  >w>;;;; 

anyway, yeah will not accept anymore entry-replies after the clock strikes Nov 28th, & from that till the end of Dec will be the time I do the "finale" replies of whether one's pokemon is accepted as Prix's mates or not to everyone who had get back to me before the deadline -- plus, I will also be aboard from Dec 12-22, so I personally only hv around 2-ish weeks to prepare everything before January starts (thankfully the group's also close for the end of the Dec)

to people who have resort to battles --- if the battle is going forever without a real "ending" between us (remember, Prix won't be taken down that easily unless your pkmn hv BA high enough to do so), then your pokemon won't make it as 1 of his chosen mates, unfortunately ^^; 

Also, although I will not be stopping you who want to do more "replies" (esp. those who are real fast at getting back at me with reply-entries XD)</small>, plz remember that I'm doing this while taking turns with other people's entry as well, so unless i finished my part of replies to people who had got to me, I will not be drawing your newest replies --- that, & I also need to help parents with their work IRL, as well take care of the mod works at PKMNation itself (with the latter one has taken my free time more than I actually use it for drawings) 

thus, please plan your story carefully, because there might be a chance that I probably couldn't get in time to replies back to you, & your "planned next part" will simply go to waste, & you failed this contest ;w; 

on random note, to those who hv participated, I'm planning to give away some points later~ 
haven't actually decide how much I'll give yet, but that will depends on how many are chosen for Prix I suppose (since the chosen one will get more pts) >w> 

[Oct 24th update]

Since all 15 replies from my side were up yesterday (& I already got 3 people replying back to me LMAO /dies), I also want to let you guys know that if our RP ended up with battles, be sure to teach your pokemon some moves in advance since I will NOT going to teach 'em new moves in my part of the replies

So if battle does happens, & your pokemon only has moves like Tackle &/or Scratch, that will be their only attack I'm going to use for your pokemon in my part (not a wise move to do/have against my Prix who have a cBA of 71 LOL) |D;;;  

then, remember that if the stories are going nowhere between us by the early Dec, your pokemon will be disqualified as well; so please plan things through, don't rush yourself out with a reply that could lead us nowhere (it ended up with battle without lead ending, the talk is going nowhere, or failed to land an impression to Prix, & such alike), remember that it should be you who have to try to impress Prix, & not the other way around! (PS: pissing him more & more also will getting you nowhere; so think a way to actually impress him without pissing him off) xD;;;

plus, we don't actually need to drag this for way too long, if your next part of reply is good enough to impress Prix, your pokemon will be chosen as 1 of his mate on my next reply, like, right away! The only reason why I put the deadline to early December is because I want to give some chance to people who might needs longer story or RPs to build their pokemon's personality & alike. 

lastly, I will be doing the replies in the order of who replied to me first this time, so I won't be waiting + stashing them up like last time~ 

:star: links to all my reply pics can be found here: masamunerevolution.deviantart.…

Just want to inform you guys that I've finished - & stashed all 15 replies to the THE GRAND PRIX's entries :iconexcitedlaplz: 
all I need to do is put in the level log to most of them etc, & I'm planning to either post 'em all up later tonight, or tomorrow of my timezone (cuz needs to go out not long after this) 

I also want TBH with you guys that due to many entries, I'm kinda sacrificing quality over quantity, none of my replies will be shaded, & all the BG are basically simple colors gradient QwQ;; cuz if I'm going to shade+do more detailed BG, they will take forever! Plus, I don't want people to complains if I took too much time to reply & then they get too late with their next entry, considering i'll be closing this off by early December. 
 ^ i was planning to ends it on the end of December, but then I remember I will be going to Tokyo for holiday on Dec 12th, for another 2-ish weeks, so i want your "last part" of entries to be done before I'm off to holiday. 

my "replies" will also depends on how your pkmn had interacted with Prix, as well as who/which of my other pkmn has included in your entry. I'd like to say that some of the other 'mons picked in your entry can either helping you in the RP, or going to be in your way with Prix...... I'm not going to tell which is the "lucky", "neutral", or "unlucky" 'mon you have picked, so have fun guessing for the time being (if you hv included someone besides Prix in your entry) xD 

lastly, I want to mention something that most people seems to get it wrong: Durandal & Waka Taishou are NOT the border-guards XD;;; 
I've seen a few entries where they mentioned Durandal & Waka are not by the gate in their starting entries, which...... well, of course they are not since they do not guard those, they are the head-guards who protect Hisei's house, & give orders to the border-guards when commanded by their trainer XD; 

:star: whatever Prix reaction is to your pokemon, you are NOT kicked out of the contest, so it will be up to you with how you are going to handle him. 

:star: again, if by December you fail to do your reply to mine, or the story was going nowhere between us, your pokemon will NOT wins the right to be 1 of Prix's mate(s). (you can also drop out of this "contest" anytime you want if you feel your pokemon are not suited for Prix, or for whatever reasons, just remember that your pokemon will be disqualified if so, obviously.) 

:star: unlike your first entry, I won't mind if our "replies" are more simple in this later parts, since I know that not everyone has the time to do a big sized entry every time. But please remember that I DO have hard time reading wall of texts, so please avoid doing that as much as you can ;w; 

:pointr: EXP share log :pointl:
(just to make thing easier for me later)

> 6 lvls 14 lvls 5 lvls 15 lvls 9 lvls 5 lvls 3 lvls 9 lvls 12 lvls 7 lvls 6 lvls 4 lvls 16 lvls 7 lvls 
> 4 lvls

:star: total leftover levels: 122 LVLS

> gives 29 lvls to: Major Typhoon -- reached lvl 100
> 93 lvls left
> gives 30 lvls to: Godai Carnival -- reached lvl 100
> 63 lvls left
> gives 24 lvls to: Takeru Ramses 
> 39 lvls left
> gives all 29 lvls to: Soldier Fast
> 10 lvls left
> gives all 10 lvls to: Cesario
> exp shared lvl reached 0 


Journal Entry: Thu Oct 1, 2015, 1:02 AM
:new: [Oct 6]: :new:  

First of all, I'm really sorry again for being too sudden, but I decided to close off the entries a day earlier from promised-


I apologize again for moving forward the deadline to 20 hour earlier, but I already got 15 entries, & I do NOT think I could handle anything more than that number (time-wise, especially) ^^; 
srsly, I thought I will get like 10 entries in the span of 2 weeks, but no I got 15 entries in the span of 6 days QwQ 

again, no more entries starting from this point!, & to those who had got your entries in, thank you very much for participating! I will try to work on my replies ASAP~ 

[Oct 4th]:

due to this already reached 10 entries (in the span of just 3 days!?? omg you guys i cant even)


& I'm planning to close off entries before the ends of Oct 7th!

I'm sorry if this was a bit too sudden, but seriously guys, I'm really happy that so many people interested with Prix - but unfortunately, it will be only me alone doing replies to each & everyone of you/participants, if the entries got a bit too much, I won't be able to reply to you all in time QwQ 

so yes, roughly 3 days from now, the entries will be close, & I will NOT accepting anymore participants starting from that point!

also, to those who had commented below, if you do not see your entries listed, please let me know ASAP so I can add yours in!
(sorry for yet to leave a proper comment on some of your entries; I'm usually busy/tend to be offline during weekends; I will get to them when I have the time - probably around tomorrow(monday), hopefully ^^;)

plz ignore if you're not part of the group's members~

& Don’t be afraid to ask if there's anything that you don’t understand, please don’t hesitate to ask!


:star: Click HERE to read the prologue


Point Right Show your Pokemon interacting with him in your story (how, why, or when will be up to you) 

Point Right This will be a back & forth RP-story between me & you (the participants), which means this will NOT ends with just 1 entry from you.

Point Right  Your pokemon does NOT know that Prix will be choosing life-mate(s). The only one who knows about this are: his trainer Hisei, Prix himself, Prix II, TeiouWaka Taishou, & Durandal (as well as Davi & LaLia since the 2 were supposed to be somewhere near although I didn't draw them in the pic.) - and I'm doubting any of them will go around shouting about this news; so, please, do not start your entry with something like "Hey so I heard you're looking for a lifemate!???" since there is no way your pokemon could know he's looking for one. 

Point Right If by the end of the year you fail to do your reply to mine, or the story was going nowhere between us, your Pokemon will NOT win the right to be 1 of Prix's mate. (You can also drop out of this "contest" if you feel your Pokemon are not suited for Prix by the end of the story.)

Point Right For now I will wait for roughly 2-ish weeks for people to submit their entries, then I will close off the entries, & will start my RP-reply to your entry. 

Point Right The finale of this "grand prix" was scheduled to end by late December, the latest (could be earlier, depends on how the RP story going between us.) 

:pointr: here's a few of those who are related to Prix that you might take into consideration / to help you with your story:

PKMNation: Dream Passport by MasamuneRevolution 
 Dream Passport - father
Prix himself rarely respect his very own father. Dream hold no power in his very own family, yet he is often seen near Prix. Rarely speaks up to Prix unless it's really necessary - unfortunately often got snapped & growled at when he does voiced an opinion.

PKMNation: Lord Bakushin by MasamuneRevolution
Lord Bakushin - brother
Prix's younger (half-)sibling, with quite an age gap between the two. Despise the way Prix treats their father, but in overall, he's not interested to fight Prix for the alpha position. He's the calmest among Dream Passport's children who are staying at home. 

PKMNation: Yume Gozen by MasamuneRevolution 
Yume Gozen - sister 
Prix's younger (half-)sibling, also with quite an age gap between her & Prix. Rumor says that she wants to overthrow his eldest brother, but no one knows for sure yet. (PS: She has not "declared war" with Prix yet; esp since she has no followers to back her up at this point) 

PKMNation: Dance Partner by MasamuneRevolution
Dance Partner - daughter 
Prix's favorite daughter, who is now lifemated to Navitrix. Smart, fast thinking, & excellent with words, always know what to say to impresses her father. Often seen with a confident smirk on her face. She's also the chosen heir of Prix's bloodline. 

PKMNation: Waka Taishou by MasamuneRevolution
Waka Taishou - son 
one of Prix's son, who is one of the ranch's head-guard alongside Durandal that will always be seen near him. Mostly keeps to himself, yet occasionally reminds his father when Prix's going to make a mistake. Waka also the father of the temperamental Vermillion

PKMNation: Luna Fontana by MasamuneRevolution
Luna Fontana - daughter 
one of Prix's 3 daughters at home. A naive, happy-go-lucky cheerful girl. Her betrothal went wrong after her supposed to be mate went missing few days after the two became life-mate. But life move on, & she's now life-mated to Rigtil.

PKMNation: Grand Prix Seiha by MasamuneRevolution 
Grand Prix Seiha - son 
one of Prix's son, whose mother is Mei, another infamous cross known throughout the Nation. Quite resembles his older (half-)brother, Waka Taishou. Might or might not becomes one of the ranch's guard alongside his brother. 

PKMNation: Royal Partner by MasamuneRevolution
Royal Partner - granddaughter 
the daughter of Dance Partner with Navitrix, who will be the next heir in line after Dance Partner. She's not particularly close with Prix, but Dance believes she will be an excellent heir, & Prix trusts Dance decision on this.  

PKMNation: Freedom Dance by MasamuneRevolution
Freedom Dance - great granddaughter
Royal Partner's daughter, who's also the next heir in line after her mother. Prix secretly adores her since she really reminds him of his daughter, Dance Partner. Prix will kill anyone who dares to harm (or even tease/bully) her.  

PKMNation - Prix II by Dianamond
Prix II - son [owner: Dianamond
Another of Prix's son who live on another ranch. He's probably the only son who Prix is very close with beside his daughters, & the two often share their thought together. Prix II was also the very first pokemon who heard - or to be exact, was told by Prix himself, that he wanted to retire from "public breeding". 

also, here's the link to some of my ranch's guards, incase needed to help with your story: 

PKMNation: Durandal by MasamuneRevolution
One of the ranch's head-guard along with Prix's son, Waka Taishou. Loves to leave snarky comment towards Prix.

PKMNation: Vermillion by MasamuneRevolution
Vermillion - grandson 
The guard of the southern border. Follows the rule strictly, & will attack anyone who tries to break the rules. He's also 1 of Prix's grandson

PKMNation: Casino Toradamashi by MasamuneRevolution
Casino Toradamashi 
The guard of the western border. Mostly keeps to himself, & no one really sure if he's really blind or not since he's able to move around as he is not. He's also Durandal's son.

PKMNation: Blue Concorde by MasamuneRevolution
Blue Concorde
The guard of the northern border. Probably the one that's easiest to approach with among the other guards. Often seen snoozing off, but he is always on alert, don't let his snoozing routines fool you. 

PKMNation: Divine Light by MasamuneRevolution
Divine Light 
The guard of the eastern border. Always seen with a creepy smile/smirk. He's also the fastest among other guards, might sneaks on you if you let your guard down.  


- Nothing that breaks PKMNation's rules.


- Gender doesn't matter, but be reminded that Prix will NEVER be genderstoned if your male Pokemon happens to be chosen as 1 of his mates.

- YOUR POKEMON MUST BE A CROSS (with or without other traits though- the more traits the better of course xD), which means mere regulars, or just shiny, just morph, &/or just fusion 'mon can NOT enter, since I want more cross variations for his possible future kids.

IMPORTANT: THERE WILL BE A BIG NOPE-LIST THAT YOU CAN CHECK HERE: PKMN YUP-NOPE LIST - if the final evolution of your cross' species happened to fall on the "dislike" (marked orange) & "hate" (marked red) list, I’m sorry but your entry will be disqualified no matter how good your story might be. ;w; 

For the starting entry, I prefer drawing art, esp more if they are paneled story - & TBH I really don’t like written entries, since I always have trouble reading stuff with too much text...... but if you really need to include text in the description, be sure that your drawing is visual enough to show what happened, & the text provided only serves to sum up what happens in the image.  
AKA: The single panel entries of our Pokemon doing nothing but only sitting/standing around (or worse: headshots-only), and a novel of text in the description type of entries will be ignored as entry entirely!!  
^ I won't mind if our "replies" are more simple in the later parts, since I know that not everyone has the time to do a big sized entry every time, but your 1st entry must be grand! In short- impress me! 

- There could/might/will be multiple winners! (How many will depends on how many entries I got before I close the entries + how our RP story goes.)   

- You are allowed to drop off from this contest anytime you want, but remember that if you do, your Pokemon will be disqualified right away and you will NOT be able to send in another entry- so choose wisely!

- Your Pokemon will be closed to breed with other Pokemon & will only breed with Prix alone.

- Be warned that I will do everything & anything to keep Prix in-character! So make sure that you and your Pokemon are prepared to handle him! (So no hard feelings if Prix happens to hurt your Pokemon, physically or mentally.) 

- Make sure that your pokemon is NOT blood related to Prix!
check here if needed: GRAND PRIX BOSS' LINEAGE - but the list is not 100% completed, and there might be some missing members not listed in that journal, so please be sure to track back your pokemon's ancestry line.

- Prix also will NOT accept anyone who is closely related to Kiss To Heaven (ie: direct descendants of Kiss; but I won't mind if your pokemon is her distant relatives) - after what happened with her daughter's betrothal (Osamu was Kiss' uncle btw), I'm doubting he will be willing to accept anyone who's too close with Kiss' bloodline. [ click here for Kiss' bloodline relatives who's staying at home ]

- Prix is NOT a lovey-dovey type, so please do NOT draw him as such! 

- I will not extend the deadline for the entries, so if there is only one entry after I close off this contest, then only that one said person is allowed to continue with the upcoming "RP".  

- Winner(s) will win the sole right to breed with Prix starting from the year 2016! 

- Depends on how many entries I got, I might give out more prizes. 

Entries so far:
:new: please don't forget to link your entry(s) in the comment below ^^ 



Journal Entry: Tue Sep 8, 2015, 2:47 AM
> last update: Dec 2016 ((too lazy to track em myself now lol whoops)) - still, feel free to link ur mons below tho xD

ignore if u're not part of :iconpkmnation:

so i saw DDRanch's doing this Entsetzen Family Line with their Entsetzen a while back, & then heathenchild139 also suggested this as well, so, yup, im trying to track down Grand Prix Boss' bloodline that I suppose has spread far & wide across the Nation by now :dummy: 

so, if you have anyone that are related to Prix, let me know in the comments below :D 

  PKMNation: Grand Prix Boss by MasamuneRevolution
:pointr: PKMNation: Grand Prix Boss :pointl:

:star: CHILDREN Total: 63 pkmn

Dance In The Dark  
Hikari Duel  
Royal Partner  
Nishino Akatsuki 
God Emperor  
Godai Carnival  
Prince Trojan  
Tsuki Akari 
Triple Attack
Triple Arrow
Triple Axel


Elijah (Tyto-Tenebricosa
Dance the Night Away 
Bohemian Rhapsody 

Amuu (Dianamond
Blinding Fire 
White Wolf 
Steel Heart 

Thorn in My Side (GelatoPikachu
Gran Premio Capo 
Ryuu no Odori 

The Detective (Redwolfvirus
> The Escape Artist

Charleston (anntheazelf101
> Grand Prize 

Hakuryu (OkamiTatsu
Last One 
> Opal 

Shri (dratimeg
> Siona

Corpus (ThatDenver

Amy (crunchbite101

Zeph (EventidePonies
Shoryu Moon 

Grand Devi  (OmegaCrafter17)

Bones  (Tyrunt-Overlord
Hooded Wonder 
Remus Guard 
Game of Thrones 

Grand Soleil (Russkitty
Rebel (WolfLover595
Blue topaz (ALStarbuck-1992
Chocolate Tears (Grassstrand
Vynos (BlackBurden777)
Total: 84 pkmn

Flawless Dancer  
New World  
Freedom Dance 
Kurokami Bizen 
Ancient Edge 
Takeru Ramses

Kyowa Ray 

Cross Over 

Fury of the storm (Tyto-Tenebricosa

Break Harder (anntheazelf101)
Gerudo Valley 

Kirin (OkamiTatsu
Grand Prix Sirius 
A Fool's Child 
The Boss 

Danielle (WolfLover595)

Sam (Dianamond

Hlin (ThatDenver

Forge (GoneViral

Persephone (Squiggy13

Cardigan Bay (SketchyLuxray)

Brava Prix (LevairTaivas)
Yoshio Elite  

Salem (Sarahostervig

Muddy Water (Tyrunt-Overlord)
Winter Equinox

Agate (Staraptorlover56

Share The World (DawnOfTheTigress
Forsaken Rage

Echoo (Yaramazara
Silver (WingsThePhoenix
Kate (RabiesGirl
Lucious (Skywiz
Goike (percent0
Chicco (millemusen
Dupliblaze COMAGMA (Lost-Tresure
Wol (Lapislazulli2512
Ourea (ALStarbuck-1992
Nephthys (Nefepants
Rockette (dratimeg
Evangeline (:devemmerchand:) 
Black Sabbath (MrSpiduh)
Tsunami (GelatoPikachu
Chazz (Featherkissed
THUNDER RIDGE (DigitalSolstice
Ezra (WingsThePhoenix
Lobo Diablo (Redwolfvirus
Mei Lan (EventidePonies
Sasha (pinkprimarina
Felix (Angel-Demon89
Daxen (Xenbonzacura
Carnelian (Xing-Darcie
Hazardous Wasteland (OmegaCrafter17
Glitch (IamBagel58
Valerie (:devshadowdan93:) 
Ember Wing (:devdthsnbgaming:) 
Aideen (Kuchiyami
Ophelia (PoroPants
Lord Hade (kiananuva12
Nightfall (crunchbite101
> Dark Partner (Xenbonzacura)
Oblivion (DevilsRealm
Umbra (:devpeaceoutofpizza23:) 
Elite Wyvern (LuxrayNation
 Total: 80 pkmn

:star: GREAT-GREAT-GRANDCHILDREN  Total: 33 pkmn



:star: SIBLINGS 
Prix's younger siblings (ie: Dream Passport's children)  Total: 24 pkmn

:star: younger relatives
those who are not from Prix's bloodline but still related to him (ie: descendant of Dream's children that are not from Prix's line / Prix's nieces or nephews or grand-niece/nephew n so on)  Total: 47 pkmn

:star: relatives of older generations 
Dream Passport's siblings (ie: Prix's uncles/aunts)
PS: im not planning to list those whose generations are older than Dream's
Dream Passport - father 
>>> father's father: Excalibur (ShiroHiro
>>> father's mother: Terraform (Lost-Tresure

Forests of Ithilien - mother (paperplanewings)
>>> mother's father: The Dead Marshes (paperplanewings
>>> mother's mother: Noir (Rosbelle

Pipeorgankind - aunt (Lost-Tresure)

Wasp - uncle (M1LK-CH3RRY

Fusaichi Pandora - aunt (Redwolfvirus

 Total: 8 pkmn


Journal Entry: Sun May 22, 2011, 7:10 AM
re-using ol' journal

:star: tagged by both OmegaCrafter17 & Dianamond 

Facts bout me:
1. Im quite fluent with: Medan-hokkien (mother language), Indonesian (national language), English, Japanese; & then I also understand most of Mandarin & Cantonese (tho I only understand them, couldn't actually speak them |D;; )
2. I went aboard like hella a lot every year; either for business purpose, or simply for holidays
3. love summer / hate winter 
4. i work for/with my parents~ 
5. I graduated from Manga/Comic course 7 years ago, then Character Design course 4 years ago; & recently/last year the  Diamond Grading course (3 degrees in total) xD;;
6. I have 2 dogs :3c 
7. we (my brother & I, since we share them) have many game consoles at home (7 Nintendo 3DS, 4 PS Vita, 2 PSP, 2 PS4, 3 PS3) - not included those that were already broken >w>;;  
8. im quite a hardcore otaku anime/game fan, i hv literal hundreds of action figures collections of my fav charas at home :'B 
9. watching movies where tragedy falls on the human rarely to never make me cries, but when a tiny sad stuff happened to animals, I'll cry myself out XD;;; [[PS: PLEASE WATCH HOSHI MAMORU INU, AKA: STAR GAZING DOG OMG JUST WATCH IT!???]] 
10. my most fav pokemon game series are BW/BW2 & SunMoon; least fav is XY 
11. i usually dont swear in daily basis, but when i do, i do it internally, & strangely, i only swear in english xD;; 
12. im actually having trouble thinking up something for this pffft 
13. last but not least, im turning 30 this year as well oh boy..... |D;;;

OmegaCrafter17's questions

1. Favorite Pokemon?
there are a few that I really love, but if I have to pick one: Magikarp >W> 

2. What got you into what you do? (aka drawing or writing)
The Lion King? I think??? at least my parents told me that I drew a lot of Lion King fanart when I was a kid (8-12yo) 

3. Favorite piece of yours in your gallery?
this one:  dentist stamp by MasamuneRevolution LMAO 
those that come after it was this: YGO: Felgrand Dragon

4. Favorite piece of mine?
PKMNation-Manipulative Instigator ref --- okay TBH i simply picked the one mon of yours that popped up in my mind first XD;;; 

5. What cartoons (if any) do you or have you currently watched?
anime that I'm currently watching: Nanbaka, Yugioh Arc-V, Pokemon Sun-Moon, Monster Hunter Ride On, Showa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu: Sukeroku Futatabi-hen (the title cant get any longer omg), Sengoku Choujuu Giga 
also new anime that I'm planning to watch/give it a try: Fate Grand Order, and Onihei (when I find the time) 

6. Favorite anime character? If you don't watch anime, favorite character from a manga you've read/currently reading?
okay so, do you want the long list or the short list? 8D;;  okay okay lets see...... 
- Nougami Neuro from Majin Tantei Nougami Neuro 
- Date Masamune, Katakura Kojuro, & Sarutobi Sasuke from Sengoku Basara 
- Dante from Devil May Cry series
- Takasugi Shinsuke, & Madao from Gintama 
- Tokuchi Toua from One Outs: Nobody Wins but I 
- (honorable mention since they're not in the anime yet): Nanu & Guzma from Pkmn SM >w>
- (& way too many more!) xD

7. Do you like memes ;v;
im okay with them? :'Dc

8. What's the answer to life?
there's death in the end...???? 

9. 420 blaze it?
um what.......?? 


11. Who is your anime waifu?
see above fav chara list >w>;;; 

12. Do you like doges and cattos?

13. If you got to meet your favorite anime/manga character irl how balls deep would you go? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
um... depends on which charas I suppose? xD;;  

Dianamond's questions

1. Pokemon or Digimon?

2. Morning Bird or Night Owl?
Night Owl 

3. Cats or Dogs (or Both)?
again, HORSE! 8D 

4. If you had the chance to take on any job in the world what would it be?
are there any job that doesnt require me doing anything n simply let me stays at home?

5. What's your favorite song and why? 
- Beautiful Days - by Spyair 
my no.1 fav song! ♥  fun fact: I listened to this song for the first time when I went to the Spyair open-air concert back in Japan few years ago (I originally went there only for the songs that were used for the anime Gintama lolz) - Beautiful Day was sung last during that live concert -- & a few songs before that, we got a sudden shower (the concerts continues on while we ignored the sudden rain); but!! by the near end of the said Beautiful Days song, the rain stopped, & the sky just cleared out?? it feels like the weather also matches itself with the song n i jsut---- i was so struck in awe, Beautiful Days have become my no.1 fav song ever since!!! [the lyric translation can be read here]
- Have a Nice Day - by World Order (simply because watching their videoclip always made me happy XD) 

6. Favorite Steam Game? If not favorite computer/handheld/console game etc.
Monster Hunter game series, with Pokemon games coming in very close second~ (both are Nintendo 3DS' games)   

7. Have you ever played Assassins Creed? Follow up question if you have: What's your favorite of the series?
dont play the game  

might give it a try if i could? just to know how it feels like lmao XDDD //is not afraid of ghost

9. When someone is critiquing your work how do you handle it?
eh most of the time i just draw stuffs for fun, I lit. dont care what other people think bout it, you want to critique it? find~ i'll just read em, shrugged, n went on with my life. 

10. If you could time travel would you try to fix the mistakes you made in the past or venture into the future to see what your life holds (or neither)?
can I travel back to 400+ years ago instead???

11. Can you stand being alone for a very long time? 
Yep, been there, done that (& very comfortable with such situation) - and watch me pulling that off again like the best pro ever!! 8D :thumbsup: 

12. Are you paranoid over people not liking you/talking about you behind your back or do you brush it all off?
Nah, again, I never care of what others think about me (or what im doing/have done). I also dont care if someone suddenly cut their ties with me - with or without reasons; used to that, & I could live with that - it ain't gonna kill me anyway. Again, nothing personal there~ 
& to quote Hisei: "Your problem, not my problem" 

13. High Five? ;3; / ?